The uncomfortably accompanied life of a self-diagnosed introvert

It seems rather cliche to create a blog in response to my daily frustrations but I don’t care.  Here I am, a college graduate; 23 years old, still single, living in a house with 5 other women.
I guess I thought that my teenage days were over but I find that when mass of amounts of estrogen are confined to a small space things start to get a little… adolescent.

I can’t decide whether I am secretly longing for this “sisterhood” or if I am craving solitude. Maybe a little of both, either way I feel my emotional intelligence slipping.

As the cliques and alliances in the house begin to solidify, I’m having a hard time staying connected with my roommates. I find myself feeling left out in regards to affection, gossip and quality hang out time. Simultaneously, I find myself bored out of my mind listening to “boy talk”. I’m too old for this.

I can feel my slow decent into alienation.

Pray for me, I don’t think God created me to be antisocial.

Through this transition, which is inherently (like all transitions) awkward, I find myself clinging to Jesus. The thing is that when I take my eyes off Him and I become hyper-aware of my “problems”. Here’s the deal, problems are only problems if I let them be problems. “Say again?” Jesus didn’t die so that I could enable and feed attitudes that hurt my relationships. He conquered death so that I could have life and life more abundantly. Abundant life means prosperity in all areas of life from finance to relationships and even love.
I’m choosing to love despite circumstance and despite a lack of reciprocity. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s going to be worth it.

2 thoughts on “The uncomfortably accompanied life of a self-diagnosed introvert

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  1. “Abundant life means prosperity in all areas of life from finance to relationships and even love.” Quite a thesis. Presses me to wonder. What did this look like with the remaining 11 disciples who walked with Jesus and carried on when He was gone. I love your desire to rise above, keep seeking and you will find.

    1. Tina, I can’t remember this post and it’s probably littered with heresies hahaha. But I stand by my statement: abundance flows from the heart or it doesn’t, it depends on what we steward. Love and servanthood or greed and selfishness all have character traits that grow in us. Prosperity looks like reigning in every area of life, I may be broke but I am never poor because I know who my Father is. The disciples got Holy Spirit when Jesus left and just as he had said, walked in even greater things. They definitely had a rough life but they saw some cool stuff along the way.

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