Things I’ve learned in the last three years.

-Making friends takes time, intentionality, and a huge dose of vulnerability.
-Pain can be your greatest enemy or your greatest ally. You have to choose which one.
-Growth begins in the dark hidden places, it becomes exponential when it hits the light.
-Wisdom is best heeded with a double shot of humility. It burns like hell going to down, but it’ll make you better in the long run.
-It’s healthy to care what people think of you as long as it doesn’t become your prison. Character is both internally and externally motivated.
-Invest in self love. You can never like yourself too much.
-Choose your people. Choose them on purpose every day. (I’m still working on this one)
-The fastest road to connection is confrontation. She’s windy and bumpy but damn it, she’s worth it.
-Thankfulness can change everything.
-Don’t be afraid to love like crazy. Literally, everyone likes to be loved. You can’t go wrong.
-Manage your boundaries. Find out what’s yours and take care of it. Let your neighbor do the same.
-Your heart is practically a person. Treat it like a dear friend. Talk to it, listen to it, embrace it.
-Time is your most valuable resource, be aware of where you invest it and don’t throw others’ away.
-Give compliments at every opportunity.
-Believe the compliments given to you.
-Wear comfortable shoes.
-The best way to love other people is to love yourself well.
-The world needs you to be the fullest expression of yourself.
-Once you get over the question of whether or not you’re enough, you’ll be able to accept the reality that you are.
-Show up early.
-Practice smiling.
-If you wouldn’t say it to your Grandma, maybe don’t say it at all.
-The person next to you is always important.
-The best way to clear your head is to play some music (pick up an instrument.)
-Don’t let other people clean up your messes, it’s bad form.
-Rest, go hard, rest some more. Repeat. Just don’t leave out the rest part.
-Darkness is easily bankrupted but when it comes to light, there’s always more where that came from.
-Sometimes, going to bed on your anger is wise. We do real damage in the heat of the moment.
-Don’t feed thoughts that don’t benefit your future.
-Feast on good thinking, you cannot over do it.
-Pride will jack you up. Kill it as quickly as you can.
-Hold everything with an open palm.
-Choose not to be offended. But if you can’t, forgive quickly and move forward.
-Look for challenges and take them.
-You aren’t going to regret being generous.
-Do everything you can to choose fun.
-Holy Spirit loves fun.
-Jesus is even better than we think he is.



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