Generosity is not a mood

There is a tired idea that has been met with very little challenge in recent years: we get to pick and choose when to be generous.

To me, it’s like saying that you’re a hipster, if you actually say it out loud, that probably means you’re noooot a hipster. In this day and age, I don’t know why you would even want that.. but I digress.

Generosity is not a mood that you wake up in. It’s not a piece of clothing that you decided to put on this morning. Generosity is not a choice in itself, although it comes with choices. Generosity is either a diligence or a negligence. But mostly, I think of Generosity as a piece of our humanity.

What I’ve learned of this kind and gentle friend, Generosity, is that she is almost always beckoning us to come and play.

When we agree to her invitation, she invites her friends like Compassion, Empathy, Freedom, Love, and Connection.

Generosity, while seemingly separate from us, is a kindred spirit. She is second nature to us, part of who we are as human beings.

But I want to talk about what happens when we refuse to be friends with Generosity.

If we keep saying no┬áto our friend’s polite invitations or ignore her soft nudges, they slowly get quieter and harder to discern. We have an increasingly difficult time connecting with the world around us. We begin to lose out. And then we start to perform– but only enough to get what we want; hoping that it is enough to satisfy the void that Generosity used to dwell in. (spoiler alert: it’s not.)

But Danae, why would we ignore Generosity? She’s so dope.

We don’t know any better. Saying yes to Generosity will always come with a cost. It may even be painful. Agreeing with Generosity can mean giving away pieces of us that we can’t get back.

It’s a beautiful sacrifice, where the return on investment is never guaranteed in the way you would expect. If you’re looking for tangible rewards, you’ll probably never find them. However, you will find that Generosity pulls you closer and takes you further into the depths of love. She guides you into relationship. As you play with her, the fear of loss loses it’s grip on you, your “yes” becomes easier, and your love becomes more valuable.

The truth of it all is:

You don’t get to decide who is worthy of you, because that’s not your decision to make.

And you don’t get to choose Generosity, you get to give in.

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